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Tech Hypermart selling 100% genuine product from Intel. We are certified Intel Channel Partner Premier Member since year 2002.

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Intel® Channel Partner Premier Members are local experts bringing the latest Intel technology into your home or office. When you work with a Premier Member you get more than affordable, high-performing, reliable technology solutions. You also get the expertise in your industry to ensure that the technology you invest in is built for what matters most to you and your business.

Get peace of mind: Premier Members’ close relationship with Intel allows for access to the latest technologies and support from Intel. Premier Members get priority service and access to replacement parts, backed by industry-leading warranties.

Work with a local expert: Premier Members are technology experts and technical advisors. They are first in line to receive training on the latest Intel® Core™ microarchitecture solutions, so they can put the very latest technology to work to solve your challenges and help you reach your goals.

Get personalized service: Premier Members are located where you are, so service and personal, on-site consulting are close by when you need it.

Small business ›
Explore your options for reducing costs and increasing productivity with an Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member specializing in small business challenges. From digital communications to securing data and file sharing, Intel® technology designed for small businesses can help give you the right solution tailored to your business needs.
Healthcare ›
Choose an Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member who can give your organization the tools to secure, manage, share, and store data, while meeting local and federal requirements. Find out how to better control costs, offer technology-based services, and speed essential communications and decision-making.
Manufacturing ›
From improving processes to collaborating with vendors and suppliers to increasing cost efficiencies, Intel® Channel Partner Premier Members focusing in manufacturing can help you improve operations. Find out how you upgrade your legacy systems and optimize critical applications.
Education ›
Technology is transforming educational administration and practice. Work with an experienced Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member who can help you minimize risk and lower costs, while you are preparing the next generations to participate in the global digital revolution.
Government ›
Intel® Channel Partner Premier Members are helping local, regional, and national agencies and government-affiliated programs to operate efficiently and effectively. Find out how to improve your technology backbone—from communications to data storage.
Digital home ›
An experienced Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member can help you get the most enjoyment and value from home computing—whether you are installing complex digital entertainment equipment or simply getting your kids online for homework.