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Desktop PC Repair

Send your Desktop Computers over to for a check-up!

Desktops are subject to the same kind of problems experienced by other computers; they freeze randomly, crash, have limited connectivity, and can be infected with viruses. Troubleshooting your computer can be a dreadful task, but here at Techhypermart our technicians will solve your desktop problems quickly and efficiently, to ensure that your computer is running at peak performance.

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Examples of Desktop Hardware Repair Services:

Desktop Hard Drive Repair

Hard drives can fail for a number of reasons. The most frequent cause would be a head crash, where the read-write head of the disk physically crashes onto your data. Additionally, corrupted data and viruses can cause errors too, along with exposure to magnetic fields and extreme temperatures. That is why it’s important to check your hard drive’s health regularly to keep it in the best possible shape.

RAM Upgrade & Repair

Corruption such as overheating, crashes, malicious software, or other unknown causes in RAMs are common. When not dealt with, other parts of the computer will be affected, leading to more errors such as blue screens, freezes, and data loss. Here at Techhypermart, we aim to complete the service and return your computer as quickly as possible to minimize your downtime.

Power Supply Repair

When your computer’s power supply fails, the computer will be out of service. That’s when you can rely on Techhypermart’s power supply repair services. Power supply troubleshooting and power supply diagnostics can identify the reasons as to why your computer is not working to its full capacity. Contact Techhypermart for any enquiries on your power supply repair needs.

Motherboard Repair

Your computer’s motherboard is the connection point for all the other devices in the computer. Because everything is dependent on the motherboard, analysing a defective motherboard is a difficult task. One obvious method of detecting a defective motherboard is to look if its capacitors are bulging or dirty. In most cases, if there are still incomprehensible crashes when everything else in the system is fine, it is most likely that the motherboard is defective. That’s where we come in; our technicians have the experience and tools to diagnose the issue with your desktop to get it repaired quickly, accurately and efficiently. A defective motherboard isn’t the end of the world and our technicians will let you know what your options are if this happens.

Graphics Card Repair

Whether you're a graphic designer, a video editor or a video gamer, your computer's graphic card is very important. An indicator of a damaged graphic card is when your computer randomly crashes or reboots, or will freeze when you are watching a movie or playing a game. We at Techhypermart can assist you with your graphic card problems, give us a call should you have any enquiries.

Processor Repair

The CPU serves as the brains of the whole system. If it is damaged, no work can be done. An example is when the CPU gets really hot, it can dislodge from its position and not make contact with the motherboard. The most common repair is by re-seating the CPU or by adding more cooling compounds. Our technicians are qualified to undertake your computer’s repair in a professional, competent and efficient manner. Let us offer you our assistance.

Fan Replacement

The average computer has two fans, whereby both work well under pristine conditions. However, when pet hair, dust, and other matters get sucked into the fan, the fan quickly becomes damaged. Just give Techhypermart a call to get your computer back on track!

CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Repair

Remember when CDs the ‘in-thing’? Video services like Netflix are great, but sometimes you just have to head down to your local video store and pick up something the internet doesn’t have. For that, you would need to have a working DVD or Blu-ray drive. However, sometimes drives malfunction. this is where Techhypermart comes in, where our services include retrieving stuck disks and replacing your defective drive.

Sound Card Repair

The sound card is like your computer's graphics card, but for sound. It's a separate piece of computer hardware that handles your computer's sound output. If you can't hear sound coming from your computer, or want to upgrade your sound system, call Techhypermart! Our technicians can help you with all your sound card needs.