You Break It. We Fix It.

If you own a smartphone, you probably depend on it daily. Smartphones have a lot of uses under its belt and we can’t deny that. Their uses help us in our many daily activities such as calling and texting, gaming, surfing the web and many more. We understand that if your phone gets damaged or stops working correctly, you will need a fast and reliable repair service you can depend on. We at Techhypermart are specialised in smartphone repairs because we believe that a shattered screen or broken battery shouldn’t have to ruin your day.

Common Type of Damage to Smartphones

1. Cracked Screen
One of the most common forms of damage to a smartphone is a cracked screen. The glass of the smartphone proved to not be strong enough to hold up against the day to day phone drops that their customers cause.

2. Scratches
Scratches on the shell and screen are very common for smartphone owners. Though this sort of damage does not affect the smartphone’s ability to function, it can make the smartphone look less than appealing.

3. Damaged Home Button
As owners use their smartphones over time, they often discover that the home button becomes damaged or stuck. This is mostly caused by the owner pressing on the home button too hard or continually touching it with soiled fingers. If you clean the button and find that it is still stuck or damaged, you may have to take it to a repair shop.

4. Water Damage
Water damage is another common form of damage for smartphone owners. Water damage usually results from the owner’s carelessness around sources of water. There have been many reports of water damage from dropping the iPhone in the toilet, damage from condensation from a drink, or accidentally spilling a beverage on the iPhone. This damage usually results in the end of the devices life, and can rarely be repaired.

Techhypermart provides the highest quality parts and service for any device repair. All of our technicians are trained to fix a wide range of smartphone models so that your device can be returned to your hands quickly. If you aren’t sure what the problem with your device is, you can bring it over to our office for a free diagnostic check to find out. We will have your device back up and running again in no time.

Our repair process is simple. Just bring in your smartphone and we’ll run a few diagnostic tests on the device and let you know what the problems are. Then we’ll let you know how much it costs to repair them.

If all sounds good, you’ll leave the phone with us and we’ll give you an estimated time needed to fix the device. For many gadgets, this is 2-3 hours. For major smartphones repairs, this could be a few days.

Once the phone is fixed, you’ll come back into the store and pick it up. We’ll show you what we fixed and how the device is like-new, again. Then you’ll pay and head away with your smartphone fixed perfectly.

Here at Techhypermart, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our smartphone repair services are designed to help with you with the problems your smartphone faces. Simply bring your phone into our office or CONTACT US at +603-8070-0996. No need to wait for an email response, just pick up the phone and call!

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