Brother PTE850TKW LI Label Printer (Auto Cut, Hulf Cut, Speed 60mm/sec, 360 dpi, PC Connectable)

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Brother PTE850TKW LI Label Printer

Auto Cut, Hulf Cut | Print Speed 60mm/sec | Resolution: 360 dpi | PC Connectable


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- 2 Year Carry-in Brother Warranty
- Manufactured and warranty provided by Brother


Model  Brother PTE850TKW LI Label Printer
Size Dimensions
Approx. 338 mm (W) x 188 mm (D) x 173 mm (H) (including keybord LCD unit)

Approx. 4.6 kg (including keybord LCD unit, excluding Li-ion Battery)
Printing Method Thermal Transfer
Compatible tubes *1 Inner diameter: Φ2.5 mm - Φ6.5 mm
Thickness: 0.5 mm
Material: PVC
Print head 454 dot/360 dpi (for labels)
86 dot/360 dpi (for tubes)
High resolution mode: 360 dpi x 720 dpi *2
High speed mode: 360 dpi x 180 dpi *2
High quality mode: 360 dpi x 360 dpi *3
Print height Label: max. 32 mm (when using 36 mm tape) *4
Tube: max. 6 mm (when using Φ6.5 mm tube) *4
Print speed Label:
AC Adapter: max. 60 mm/sec.
(High resolution mode: max. 30 mm/sec.) *2
(High speed mode: max. 80 mm/sec.) *2
(High quality mode: 20 mm/sec.) *3
Battery: 20 mm/sec. - 60 mm/sec.
(High quality mode: 20 mm/sec.) *3
Actual print speed varies depending on the conditions.
max. 40 mm/sec.
Actual print speed varies depending on the conditions.
Cassette Brother TZe tape cassette (3.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm widths)
Brother HSe tube cassette (5.8 mm, 8.8 mm, 11.7 mm, 17.7 mm, 23.6 mm widths)
Brother FLe label cassette (21 mm x 45 mm)
Brother TR ribbon cassette (12 mm width)
No. of lines ▪ TZe tape cassette
36 mm tape: 17 lines; 24 mm tape: 13 lines; 18 mm tape: 10 lines; 12 mm tape: 6 lines; 9 mm tape: 4 lines; 6 mm tape: 3 lines; 3.5 mm tape: 1 line
▪ HSe tube cassette
23.6 mm tape: 12 lines; 17.7 mm tape: 10 lines; 11.7 mm tape: 6 lines; 8.8 mm tape: 4 lines; 5.8 mm tape: 2 lines
▪ PVC tube
Φ6.5 mm tube: 2 lines; Φ6.0 mm tube: 2 lines; Φ5.0 mm tube: 2 lines; Φ4.0 mm tube: 2 lines; Φ3.5 mm tube: 2 lines; Φ3.0 mm tube: 2 lines; Φ2.5 mm tube: 1 line
Memory (local files) File storage max. 99 files
Power Supply Adapter AC adapter (AD9100ESA): 24 V AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Battery (Optional) Li-ion Battery (PA-BT-4000LI): 14.4 V
Auto Power-off Li-ion Battery (PA-BT-4000LI): 30 min
AC adapter (AD9100ESA): Off
Interface USB Version 2.0 Full Speed
Wi-Fi ▪ Wireless Direct: IEEE 802.11n
▪ Ad-Hoc mode: IEEE 802.11b
▪ Infrastructure mode: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
▪ WPS 2.0
* Features, Package Content and Specifications are subject to change without prior notification.*

Label Printer Specifications
Label Printer Character Styles Choices PC select
Label Printer Cutter Auto cut, Half cut
Label Printer Display Display Screen
Label Printer Keyboard Type Yes, QWERT detachable keyboard
Label Printer Print Line Multi line - Up to 17 lines for tape
Label Printer PT-Editor Software (CD-ROM) Include
Label Printer Symbols Print PC select / built-in
Label Printer Tape Maximum Size 36mm
Label Printer Power Supply
Label Printer Auto Power-Off No
Label Printer Power AC Adapter - AD9100ESA, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (PABT4000LI), PABT4000LI - can print 20 tapes per full charge
  • Warranty Time:2 Year Carry-in Brother Warranty

  • warranty provided:Manufactured and warranty provided by Brother

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