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Desktops are subject to the same kind of problems experienced by other computers; they freeze randomly, crash, have limited connectivity, and can be infected with viruses. Troubleshooting your computer can be a dreadful task, but it is rewarding when you get your computer fully functioning again. Call us at +603-8070-0996 if you require our services.

Examples of Desktop Hardware Repair Services:

Desktop Hard Drive Repair
Hard drives can fail for numerous reasons. The most frequent cause is a head crash, where the read-write head of the disk physically crashes onto your data. However, there are a number of other causes as well. Corrupted data and viruses can cause errors too, along with exposure to magnetic fields and extreme temperatures.
RAM Upgrade & Repair
Corruption in RAMs are common problems. Corruption is caused by overheating, crashes, malicious software, or unknown causes. When corruption occurs, one part of the RAM accidentally changes the state of another part. When the modified part is accessed, wrong information is returned. This lead to more errors, including blue screens, freezes, and data loss. 
Power Supply Repair
The power supply converts normal household power into the electric maelstrom the computer needs to run its components. Without it, the computer will not turn on. When it is on the fritz it send too much power to your computer and damages it. If too little power is sent, the CPU could overheat as the fans are not working to full capacity.
Motherboard Repair
Analysing a bad motherboard is a difficult task. Unless everything in the machine is tested, there is no sure way of knowing if the motherboard needs to be tested. One sure sign of a bad motherboard is to look at the capacitors. If there is dirt or if a few are bulging, it means that the motherboard is in bad shape. In most cases, when everything else in the system works out and if there are still incomprehensible crashes, it is probably the motherboard.
Graphics Card Repair
Whether you're a graphic designer, a video editor or a video gamer, your computer's graphic card is very important. The function of the card is clear. A feature of the graphics cards is that they are miniature computers in themselves, they have a board much like a motherboard, a CPU, and RAM. 
Processor Repair
The CPU acts as the brains of the whole system. If it is damaged, no work can be done. The most common repair is by re-seating the CPU or by adding more cooling compounds. The CPU gets really hot; expansion and contraction could occur, and given the proper circumstances the CPU can dislodge from its position and not make total contact with the motherboard.
Fan Replacement
The average system has two fans, which work well under optimum conditions, but when pet hair, dust, and various matter that the fan sucks into the computer, conditions quickly become poor. 
CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Repair
Optical drives are quickly disappearing. As we purchase our movies, music and software online, these drives lose their importance. However, provides the services needed if yours is broken. We can easily replace the drive for you, and can also retrieved disks stuck in the drive.
Sound Card Repair
If the sound cannot be heard, but everything else works fine, the cause of the problem is with your sound card. The sound card has the same function as the graphics card, except it is for sound. It is a separate piece of computer hardware that handles the computer's sound output. Sound cards are integrated into the motherboard, but external sound cards are used by those who edit audio, or likes to listen to lossless files. is affordable and provides better and faster services for all Desktop PC Repairs!